desiterra’s facilities are designed around your
autonomy and freedom of choice

Dine in

desiterra’s restaurant welcomes you with its lavishly spaced courtyard of 800sq.m. With its tables arranged in generous sparsity, it offers virtual dining privacy, even at peak hours. Here you’ll savor the most enticing menu of authentic Santorini’s delicacies, made with the purest local ingredients. Unforgettable combinations of aromas and flavors, literally a few steps from your suite’s door! As you appreciate its discrete atmosphere and ample outdoor space, the Santorinian sky will be the limit of your gastronomic bliss.

Shop in

You don’t have to visit crowded town markets for your groceries. Our mini-market offers a fine selection of products that can cover all your needs during your stay.

Outdoors pool

Why walk to the beach when you can take a dive at Desiterra’s spacious outdoor pool? Sunbathe in tranquility on the poolside, sipping your coffee or cocktail, and even socialize, when you feel like it.

Pool bar

desiterra’s pool bar is wonderfully integrated into the surroundings, offering a sense of immersion to the water. Here harmonious relaxation meets discrete sociality, and you can savor a delicious coffee or slowly sip a refreshing cocktail, all-day until XX am. With its laid back vibe and welcoming atmosphere, it’s an ideal place to hang out, without going out.

Reception 24/7

Always there for you, day and night!

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VIP Concierge

Getting around the island in the most comfortable way is a luxury you do deserve during your vacation. desiterra offers an outstanding concierge service, with meticulous attention to detail and a select network of partners that guarantees nothing less than unforgettable experiences.

VIP Concierge
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