History & Tradition


The traditional cuisine is an experience you have to live before you leave! Local ingredients are of exceptional taste, due to the limited produce and the island’s microclimate and soil.

One of the most delicious is fava beans. A gastronomical gem of protected designation of origin, that owes its unique flavors in the growing conditions in arid fields. And oh! Those Cherry Tomatoes! The dry cultivation on the island’s volcanic soil transfuses unforgettable aroma and flavors to them. Delicious strawberries and cherries sweeten even more an angel's kissing spring.


The island’s tradition of winemaking dates millennia. Vineyards of more than 400 years, some of the oldest in Europe, can be found here, cultivated in the same way as in antiquity and resisting the strong winds, to produce iconic wines. Thanks to its microclimate and volcanic soil, Santorini is home to more than 40 unique grape varieties.

White grape varieties such as Aidani, Asyrtiko and Athiri, and red ones such as Mandilaria and Mavrotragano make outstanding etiquettes, many of them of protected designation of origin. Rare old, local varieties include Voudomato, Gaidouria, Katsano, Potamisi, Flaskia. Santorini is a model wine tourism destination, with local wineries offering anything from tailor-made visits to group tastings. Your Summer Wine is really made from all these things...

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