Navigating Santorini

Beach bars in Santorini

Santorini is the queen of beach bars! The island is mostly renowned for its romantic scenery, though when it comes to the good life, it surely offers plenty of options, all day and all night long. A stroll at the Black Beach, Kamari, Perivolos or Perissa, allows visitors to choose where to enjoy an exquisite cocktail, a freezing beer along with the view of the endless blue.


nightlife in santorini

When it comes to nighttime, Erythrou Stavrou Lane in central Fira is the place to be. Whether you are in the mood for a drink in a sunset view bar, cocktails among trendsetters, or for a night full of crazy dance, Santorini will deliver. Track the oldest bar in Thira, discover the bar under the palm tree and dance the night out in the outdoor verandas!

The Santorini sunset

Arts Culture in Santorini

An island of wealthy history and unique traditions, Santorini has plenty of museums and culture itineraries to please even the most demanding visitors.

Arts & Culture

Museum of
Prehistoric Thira

In this well organized Museum, located right opposite to the bus station, you will get acquainted with the exquisite findings of the Akrotiri excavations and get impressed by their age. Don’t miss the glowing gold ibex figurine dating from the 17th Century BC.

Archaeological Museum in Santorini

At the Archaeological Museum, a great collection of findings reveals all the flourishing times of the island. Inscriptions, sculptures, statues and objects throwback to the island’s antiquity, spanning from the Geometric period in the 8th Century BC to the late Classical period - 4th Century BC, showcasing the unique personality of Santorini through time.

Maritime Museum in Santorini

Right outside the breathtaking village of Oia, in the ruins of the Venetian castle, the Maritime Museum celebrates the marine history of the island. Rare documents and instruments of nautical equipment witness the long marine tradition of Santorini. The most notable naval tool on display is a manual driller and a massive foot-operated lathe in excellent condition.

Museum of Musical Instruments

Music lovers, this is your favorite spot. A private collection of Mr. Halaris, presents the evolution of musical instruments from 2300 BC until the early 20th century providing information on the musical tradition of all locations and the evolution of civilization. Ancient, Byzantine and post Byzantine instruments for your eyes only. Visits upon contact.

Sights in Santorini

Around the 9th century BC Dorians settled the island of Santorini. Ruins of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period are traced at the Ancient Thira, an extremely rewarding place to visit. Spectacular sights such as temples and mosaics, a theatre and the ancient agora make the perfect half-day excursion for history buffs. One of the most significant prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, the phenomenal site of Akrotiri, reveals an ancient Minoan city buried deep beneath lava following the 16th century BC volcanic explosion that created the caldera. The sight boasts amazingly well-preserved, iconic frescoes, objects and artworks. A cultural heritage site, the jaw dropping village of Oia, embedded in the pumice of the cliffs, is the perfect spot for a breathtaking sunset. Some 300 steps below the postcard-perfect village, a tiny port of colorful fishing boats awaits for your clicks.

The Volcano

The Experience in Santorini

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The desiterra Experience
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