Easter in Santorini - You have to live it, to believe it.


Easter in Santorini is an experience hard to match. As if spring on the island wasn’t amazing by itself, traditional celebrations and festivities add a mystic, unforgettable feeling to its aura.

Many travelers visit the island on the weekend before Easter, to catch up with the preparations, which are equally impressive to Easter celebration itself. Houses and alleys are white-washed and embellished with flowers. The baking of traditional delicacies fills the air with unforgettable scents.

Highlights include the feast of Lazarus Saturday in Megalochori, set around a giant cross that is embellished with flowers and rises 12m high; the true mystagogy of the Holy Friday procession in Pyrgos, whose whole course is candlelit; Holy Friday procession in Fira; Resurrection ceremony in Prophitis Ilias chappell, that stands on the highest point of the island. And there’s even more to discover, as long as you are here at the right time. Because the right place for Easter is definitely Santorini.

To make a perfect experience even better, arrange your stay for Easter in Desiterra. Everything’s blossoming here in Easter time, and above all, your desires! 

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