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As if nature artistically engraved the shores

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the sea refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” Sarah Kay, Writer.

Santorini is an iconic Greek island, forming the southernmost part of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. A remnant of a volcanic caldera, an island once circular, is officially called “Thira”. The geological story of the island goes back some thousands of years ago, when a volcanic eruption caused the center of Santorini to sink, leaving a crater (caldera) with towering cliffs.

Large clusters of whitewashed buildings with blue roofs, nestled at breathtaking heights, offer gasp-inducing views and endless photo opportunities.

The island’s bustling capital, Fira sprawls north into the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. Lined with architectural gems, outstanding terraces and Instagram friendly frames, a must follow path running through the villages, offers the most demanding visitor an unparalleled experience of pure beauty. In the north part of Santorini, lies the exclusive village of Oia, offering caldera views to the north and north east.

Welcome to the most overwhelming Greek island!

The Volcano

An island that erupted from the depths of the earth.
A volcanic eruption created the marvel of Santorini. Along with caldera, a giant lagoon, Santorini seems to slop downward the Aegean Sea. An imaginary line that connects the present with the past. Santorini is a group of islands consisting of the inhabited islands of Thira, Thirassia and the uninhabited islands of Aspronissi, Palea and Nea Kameni in the southernmost part of Cyclades and is the cradle of a 4.000 civilization. Picturesque villages have been built on the edge of this caldera, with Cycladic architecture and breathtaking view towards the sea. One can visit the volcanic site at the islet of Nea Kameni where one will discover the volcano’s crater and hot springs. The oldest volcanic site, Palea Kameni has hot springs as well.

Local Products & Traditional Cuisine

Santorini, apart from a breathtakingly beautiful island, is also a gastronomic heaven with a vast and exciting palette of unique flavors to offer. Based on local ingredients, the traditional cuisine of the island is a must try experience.

One of the most delicious local products to look out for, are fava beans. Stamped with protected designation of origin, this gastronomical gem owes its unique aromas and flavors in the growing conditions in arid fields.

Oh! Those Cherry Tomatoes! The dry cultivation on the volcanic soil transfuses all the great aromas of the island offering a wealthy flavor, no one is ever able to forget.

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kissing spring.
Your Summer Wine is really made from all these things...

The island is really attached to the long tradition of wine making. More than 40 grape varieties add colors on the island and flavor on your taste buds!

Some of the oldest vineyards in Greece, are found in Santorini, resisting the strong winds and producing some of the most well acclaimed wines, globally.

The most well-known white grapes varieties of Santorini are Aidani, Asyrtiko and Athiri, while the most well known red ones include Mandilaria and Mavrotragano.

On the island one can also find rare, old, local varieties like Voudomato, Gaidouria, Katsano, Potamisi, Flaskia. If you are a wine lover, this island has plenty of secrets to reveal.


Make sure you indulge yourself in the local delicacies of this blessed island.


Beach Bars / Nightlife

Santorini is the queen of beach bars! The island is mostly renowned for its romantic scenery, though when it comes to the good life, it surely offers plenty of options, all day and all night long. A stroll at the Black Beach, Kamari, Perivolos, Perissa, allows visitors to choose where to enjoy an exquisite cocktail, a freezing beer along with the view of the endless blue.

Beach Bars / Nightlife

When it comes to nighttime, Erythrou Stavrou Lane in central Fira, is the place to be. Whether you are in the mood for booze in a sunset view bar, for cocktails among trend setters, or for a night full of crazy dance, Santorini can promise you all. Go track the oldest bar in Thira, discover the bar under the palm tree and dance the night out in the outdoor verandas!

Arts & Culture

An island of wealthy history and unique traditions, Santorini has plenty of museums and culture itineraries to please even the most demanding visitors.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira: Find this well presented Museum right opposite the bus station. Get acquainted with the exquisite finds that have been revealed after the excavations from Akrotiri and get impressed by their age. Make sure you pay attention to the glowing gold ibex figurine dating from the 17th Century BC.

Archaeological Museum: At the Archaeological Museum, a great collection of findings reveals all the flourishing times of the island. Inscriptions, sculptures, statues and objects throw back to the Geometric period in the 8th Century BC to the late Classical period - 4th Century BC, showcasing the history that shaped the unique personality of Santorini, throughout time.

Maritime Museum: Right outside the breathtaking village of Oia, in the ruins of the Venetian castle find the Maritime Museum celebrating the marine history of the island. Rare documents and instruments of nautical equipment witness the long tradition of Santorini. The most notable naval tool on display is a manual driller and a massive foot operated lathe in excellent condition.

Museum of Musical Instruments: Music lovers this is your favorite spot. A private collection of Mr. Halaris, presents the evolution of musical instruments from 2300 BC until the early 20th century providing information on the musical tradition of all locations and the evolution of civilization. Ancient, Byzantine and post Byzantine instruments for your eyes only. Visits upon contact.



The Dorians, around the 9th century BC, have first settled the island of Santorini. Ruins of the Hellenistic, the Roman and the Byzantine period are traced at the Ancient Thira, an extremely rewarding place to visit. Temples and mosaics, a theatre and the ancient agora offer splendid views and make the perfect half-day excursion for history buffs. One of the most significant prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, the phenomenal site of Akrotiri, reveals an ancient Minoan city buried deep beneath lava following the 16th century BC volcanic explosion that created the caldera. The sight has preserved the remains of fine frescoes, objects and artworks. A cultural heritage site, the jaw dropping village of Oia, embedded in the pumice of the cliffs, is the perfect spot for a breathtaking sunset. Some 300 steps below the postcard perfect village, a tiny port of colorful fishing boats awaits for your clicks.

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” Rachel Carson


Due to the eruptive temperament and the special geographical features of Santorini, the beaches of the island are quite unique, offering breathtaking scenery, awe-inspiring views and crystal clear blue waters.



The most famous of them all is the Red Beach. Called after the volcanic lava red rocks, pebbles and sand, getting to this narrow beach needs some slight hiking on the rocks. Upon arrival an eye-pleasing beach with stunning views and surrounding crystal waters, will reward your efforts.


The longest beach of the island is the Black Beach. Spanning 4 kilometers, the beaches of Perivolos and Perissa are impressively organized, offering long music sessions and relaxing sun beds to enjoy your cocktail.


The raw beauty of the White Beach otherwise called Vlychada Beach will take your breath away. Massive white cliffs and volcanic grey sand compose a secluded and serene atmosphere to peacefully enjoy nature.


Some say, that the most beautiful beach of Santorini is Cape Columbo Beach. A secluded, unspoilt long sandy beach offering great views and isolation is located near Oia. Take the plunge at any volcanic beach of the supermodel of the Greek islands!