A responsible today. A sustainable tomorrow.

In desittera we are mindful of the environment and our carbon footprint, contributing from our end to a sustainable tomorrow for our children. After all, we have to think of their desires as well.

A net-zero energy balance

We are happy to share that Desiterra and its shareholder companies have a net-zero of CO2 emissions. Through the activities of Tryfon Energy Corp ltd, a key desiterra shareholder that produces electricity from renewable sources (solar panels), the goal of zero CO2 balance is achieved for the whole shareholder group.

Convinced that a better future lies on the responsible actions of today, we constantly look for new ways to expand our environmental efforts.

What better way to encapsulate the Desiterra experience, than the white lily seen on our logo. It’s not just a sacred flower, taken out of the Minoan murals found closeby and brought back to life. It’s a serene and gentle eruption of aspiration.

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