The desiterra concept

What better way to encapsulate the Desiterra experience, than the white lily seen on our logo. It’s not just a sacred flower, taken out of the Minoan murals found closeby and brought back to life. It’s a serene and gentle eruption of aspiration. A firework that sparkles through Santorini’s glorious sky, day and night, to announce the rebirth of our guest’s desires. It’s a graceful reminder that, given a hospitable soil, your true self can blossom once again. It’s an enticing invitation to live this uniquely thought-of experience in person. Here, in Desiterra.

Santorini has so many faces.

Santorini is not just a famous island, known for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. It is a wonder of geology, born from the depths of the earth and masterfully sculpted on the volcanic rock by the very hands of nature. It is also the cradle and heart of ancient Theran civilization, that dominated the Aegean 4,000 years ago. A gastronomic heaven with a vast and exciting palette of unique flavors to offer. An iconic wine producer from antiquity and medieval times to date, and an outstanding wine tourism destination today.

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