The desiterra Experience

Begin your Journey to Santorini with Desiterra

Desi – Terra

“Desi” comes from Desire and Terra means land in Latin. Desiterra is the land of desire and aplace “where desires blossom”. Inspired by the beauty, wisdom, and purity of the wild whitelily, the desiterra logo.

A flower. A symbol. An experience

The desiterra Concept

Learn how the desiterra design brings to life the desiterra mindset. 

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Browse our gallery and get a taste of the desiterra experience.

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Villas in Santorini with uncompromising privacy


Each of our villas enjoys full autonomy, with a separate entrance, private pool and terrace, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Spacious, unpretentiously elegant interiors create an ideal atmosphere, while exteriors lavishly range from 200 το 1,000sq.m.

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Villas in Santorini with all amenities

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