The Experience


Mesmerized by the idea of turning a wild field in a secluded area into an exclusive, off the beaten path, naturally integrated, warm guesthouse that would host dreams. Not only their own, but other people's dreams, as well.

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Tasting Experience

Apart from a breathtakingly beautiful island, Santorini is also a gastronomy heaven with a vast palette of exciting flavors to offer. Thanks to its purity of ingredients and unique recipes, the traditional cuisine of the island is a must-try experience.

Desiterra Restaurant Private dining

Wine Experience

Santorini and wine. Hard to think of one, without thinking of the other. Faithful to the island’s wine heritage and culture, we have taken special care into creating unique wine experiences for our guests.

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Swimming Pool

Why walk to the beach when you can take a dive at desiterra’s spacious outdoor pool? Sunbathe in tranquility on the poolside, sipping your coffee or cocktail, and even socialize, when you feel like it.

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Body Treatment

desiterra is about wellness as well. Bring body and spirit into balance. Release all tension, stay in shape and prepare yourself to fully experience the fulfillment of your desires.

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Reception 24/7

In desiterra, all our services are designed to offer you a unique staying experience. That’s why our reception is available 24/7. We are always there for you, day and night, glad to provide information or help with any arrangement.

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VIP Concierge

Getting around the island in the most comfortable way is a luxury you do deserve during your vacation. desiterra offers an outstanding concierge service, with meticulous attention to detail and a select network of partners that guarantees nothing less than unforgettable experiences.

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Santorini in uncompromising privacy


Each of our villas enjoys full autonomy, with a separate entrance, private pool and terrace, and stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Spacious, unpretentiously elegant interiors create an ideal atmosphere, while exteriors lavishly range from 200 το 1,000sq.m.

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